As all of us kknow that, all the instruments with moving parts can and will slip out of tune occasionally. This is natura and common ,so the kalimba will be also tuned during your using time.

All of our kalimba will be tuned in C major before shipment, you no need to tune when you get the kalimba, but after a few weeks or longer time, your kalimba will be need to tuned.

Now let us tell you how to tune a kalimba bellow:

First you need to prepare the tunning tool ( the tuning hammer) which come with your packing box, second, you should find a tuner, if you dont have a tuner, it doesnt matter, you can download a tuner app on your smartphone. Android system app: gStrings, App system app: Instuner. Every tuner will have the same basic function: it will tell you the note (like C) and tell you if you are flat or sharp.

Tuning steps:

(1) Pluck the middle tine of the kalimba

(2) Use the tuning hammer to tune the tine, until the note in the tuner matches the default note and the pointer directing to the center position.

Note: to avoid resonance issue, we suggest you press other keys while adjusting a key.

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